Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Record Keeping

Having a child feels like staring in your very own science fiction movie. Not the big expensive type where you’re flying to the stars with every gadget and gizmo man’s ingenuity can create, but the type that features a disaster, or an invasion, and the words “It’s life, but not as we know it” (granted these, are the same guys who had the spaceship, but I couldn’t find another quote that summed up panic quite as well.)

As a result of this I thought I’d start writing my daddy diary. Let me be quite clear, this is a dad’s diary. It serves three distinct purposes. Firstly, it is a record of who I am and think as a kind of “insurance policy” should something happen. It’s also a celebration of all the fun to be had being a dad when our inner child gets to hang out with our offspring. Finally, I’m hoping other dads will also find this and feel at least comforted that other fathers go through some of the same feelings and interaction patterns that they are following with their own children.

That’s about all for now. They’ll be more later. Welcome to the blog.


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